"The aim of soul work is not adjustment to accepted norms or a statistical framework. The goal is a richly elaborated life connected to society and nature. The idea is not to be superficially adjusted, but to be profoundly connected in the heart." ~Thomas Moore
Beth Kaane-Cassleman
  • Are you ready to make some deep, long term changes?
  • Is your family life in need of devoted attention?
  • Are you concerned about your child’s development, performance in school, and/or behavior at home and with peers?

If you've answered yes to these questions, and you are ready embark on the path of change, I can help you to develop the life skills and parenting methods that will enable you and your family to grow and flourish.

What I bring to the process is a background as a private psychotherapist with 17 years in the field of education.

I work with parents and children, individually and together, as well as couples and individuals.

My goal is to help you achieve your goals by exploring your unique way of being in the world. Together we will link early experiences to current challenges, paving the way for a more reflective, rewarding, and fulfilling life.